Leptin Diet Explained

Let’s begin by understanding exactly how the body reacts to dieting. When trying to lose fat, the most common (and logical) step, is to cut the number of calories. But the brain looks at your efforts to lose fat in a whole different perspective; it thinks your starving. And what happens is that it instructs your body to conserve fat stores. “How does it achieve this?” you ask. Well, by reducing the levels of leptin.

See, leptin is like the Mafia Boss to your metabolic system; it controls everything it does. This hormone, produced by the fat cells, dictates when fat should be stored, when fat should be burned and even when you should be hungry.

This goes to show how crucial it is in weight loss. If high levels are maintained when trying to lose fat, then progress can be seen dramatically fast. But since levels are suppressed during attempts at weight loss, a high leptin diet is vital.

For many people though, especially those who have led a somewhat unhealthy lifestyle, the main problem lies in what is known as leptin resistance.

Understanding Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance basically means that your body is no longer sensitive to the effects of the hormone. This is mainly as a result of eating foods rich in fructose, processed foods and grains. As the sugar in these is metabolized, overwhelming levels of leptin are released.

Over the course of time, the effects of this crucial hormone are reduced. This leads todevastating effects on the metabolic system, as the brain isn’t able to communicate with the fat sores. The consequence of this is increased weight and a particularly hard time when trying to lose it.

The Incredible Effects Of Leptin On Weight Loss

Wondering why that low-calorie diet you’ve been working on so hard still hasn’t yielded any results?

Why after countless hours in the gym, your waistline hasn’t shrunk one bit? Well, I have the answer for you: Leptin

Leptin For Weight Loss

How To Maintain A Healthy Leptin Diet

As you now see, leptin might just be what has been standing between you and a perfectly flat tummy. Steps should be taken towards reversing the effects of leptin resistance, and this is simply done through reviewing your diet. Avoid foods high fructose, grains and processed foods.

Eating a diet rich in healthy fats and cutting out the sugar, is your ticket to reversing the negative impact of leptin resistance. Coupled with supplements, you’ll soon be on your way to shopping for a smaller wardrobe.

The Role Of Leptin Supplements

As I have mentioned, during dieting, leptin levels plummet drastically. A Good way to restore them to their peak is simply by taking a leptin supplement

This also increases the body’s sensitivity to the hormone, further increasing its weight loss attributes. Made from a mix of ingredients designed to direct the metabolic activity towards weight loss, these supplements are a crucial accessory to anyone trying to shed some pounds.

Leptin can prove to be a huge obstacle when trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. But with the proper diet and the right supplements, you can make this all-important-hormone work in your favor, helping you hit those fitness goals with ease.

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